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This Episode’s Articles:

CloudFlare, SSL and Unhealthy Security Absolutism

We discuss Troy Hunt’s discussion of security’s unhealthy obsession of absolutism

Google Chrome’s Indicator Migration for Non-HTTPS Connections

Google is moving to decrease the visual trust level for HTTP sites. Is this a good thing? Should all sites everywhere need to be HTTPS by default or does it not matter for your mom and pop bagel shop site?

Why Do We Judge Parents For Putting Kids At Perceived — But Unreal — Risk?

Apparently CVSS should have a modifier for the rater’s estimate of the moral wrongness of a vulnerability. Research recently published to Collabra gives us some really interesting insights into how humans make estimations of risks based on how morally wrong they deem an action to be.

Breach of the Week


User database dumps from Dropbox’s 2012 breach are starting to surface prompting Dropbox to force password resets.