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This Episode’s Articles:

The Pentagon prepares for Spacewar

The DoD has submitted a $582.7 budget which includes a new domain for war, space. We talk about how InfoSec folks ought to think about future problems in their own neck of the woods.

Ad Industry Group Tells Sites How Best to Block the Blockers

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) publishes a primer for advertising networks on how they can block the ad-blockers. Is the IAB taking the right approach here? Are there lessons to be learned here?

Google publishes the Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (VSAQ)

Google open sources its set of common questions that it has for its vendors. Although this may not entirely apply to your particula organization, it is a great way to create a measurable way to judge your third party vendors.

Breach of the Week

Seagate Phish Exposes All Employee W-2’s

Employees in companies are being spear phished for a large number of W-2 records in the name of tax season. If your company doesn’t do phishing related education for your users, consider this a timely warning.