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This Episode’s Articles:

WWW Smackdown: FBI vs Apple

We interview law student Wendy Knox Everette about what the implications could be for the much talked about FBI warrant requiring Apple to remove security capabilities on the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters.

How to Safely Store Your Users’ Passwords in 2016

A review of the current recommendations for how to safely hash user passwords in 2016, which includes code samples. More importantly, it makes the often overlooked recommendation to design your password hashing system to be able to support changing which algorithm you use as technology and cryptanalysis techniques improve.

Hack Brief: Hackers Are Holding an LA Hospital’s Computers Hostage

Hackers compromise the network of an LA hospital using a CryptoLocker-style malware. After spending a week evaluating the scope of the damage, the hospital administrators decided to pay the ransom to get their data back for $17,000 in bitcoins.

Honorable Mention: B-Sides Seattle 2016 Recap

We unfortunately ran out of time to cover this, but here are some links to check out from Braxton’s time at B-Sides Seattle 2016.