We Goofed

Unfortunately, the audio for this episode was irrevocably mutilated by YouTube Live/Google Hangouts. It’s a shame because we got to have the most awesome Sean (check out his projects on Github) join us in the discussion. We’ve included the show notes below so you can at least catch up on the stories we covered. See you again in a few weeks!

This Episode’s Articles:

DefCon 6.0 Recap

Osman ventured out to Louisville to check out DerbyCon for the first time and gave a recap. Rest assured he eloquently and brilliantly described how great it was and you should check it out.

“Why do you work in security instead of something more lasting ?”

A discussion of why we work in security (offensive and defensive) rather than working on directly building something else.

GCHQ Protection as a Service (GCHQPaaS)

The UK Government Communications Headquarters is toying with the idea of creating a “Great Firewall of Britain” to offer protections from cyber attacks to the country’s major industries

Breach of the Week


Yahoo’s user database and possibly more were compromised in a 2014 hack that is just now being disclosed. Rumors of intense debates between the CEO and former CISO Alex Stamos ensue. Verizon’s deal to acquire Yahoo might be put in jeopardy.